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Eric Wiberg’s career since he began sailing professionally in 1989 has been in the maritime sector, lately as a lecturer and author. He grew up in the Bahamas as part of a large Swedish-American family with half a dozen lawyers. After boarding schools in Massachusetts and Newport, RI, he enrolled at Boston College in 1989. He began racing and delivering sailboats on long voyages, including sailing from the Caribbean to Belgium to attend Harris Manchester College, Oxford for the BC Honors Program. He backpacked in Europe and East Africa and published travel writing in over 20 periodicals. By graduation in 1993 he had bound five collections of prose, poetry, and drawings, then set off on a voyage to New Zealand as mate of the 68-foot wooden sailing ketch, Stornoway, over which he was promoted Captain in the Galapagos at age 23. A year of travel was the basis of his 450-page memoir Round the World in the Wrong Season.

On his return to the US a year later, Eric obtained a 100-ton Captain's license from the US Coast Guard then sought work in commercial shipping. He was assigned to the operations desk of a fleet of tanker and bulk ships operated for public company BHO (B&H Oceans). After three years in Singapore and numerous crisis-control situations (including two ship casualties and four deaths), he returned to Newport to work in the Armchair Sailor bookstore and on his round-the-world memoir. Necessity drove him to utilize the captain's license to deliver sailboats to and from New England and the Caribbean, on the back of which he founded Echo Yacht Deliveries in 1999. In 2001 he completed his fourth round-world trip before enrolling at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, on half scholarship.

Under the joint-degree masters/Juris Doctorate program with the University of Rhode Island, he was able to study marine policy and present papers on man overboard rescues, tanker spill legislation, and salvage law, culminating in a 200-page final paper. During school he started a real estate company buying and selling roughly a dozen small lots in the Bahamas. He recruited over 100 sailors for voyages then sold Echo Yacht Deliveries in 2005. Eric has performed more than 30 Bermuda voyages and several trans-ocean deliveries, roughly half as captain. On passing the bar in Massachusetts and marrying Alexandra Gray (they had a son in 2007), he was recruited by executive search legend Russell Reynolds to join what became RSR Partners in Greenwich, CT. In late 2007 he left RSR to found Ketch Recruiting, still focusing on the shipping sector. He sold Ketch in 2008 to join Boyden global executive search in Baltimore, then joined the Connecticut Maritime Association in Stamford. After a stint with Titan Salvage in 2009, he spent three months helping salvage an oil platform from the seafloor off Freeport, Bahamas, for Overseas Salvage.


In early 2010 he joined TradeWinds shipping news, a Norwegian shipping publication, in Stamford until October, 2013. Since then he has been Marketing Manager at McAllister Towing & Transportation in lower Manhattan, promoting the employment of 70 tugs in a dozen ports from San Juan to Portland for a roster of over 1,400 ship owners who utilize McAllister’s services. In his spare time he is a widely published author, historian and lecturer on non-fiction maritime and naval history as well as memoir and travel.


Non-Fiction Books Published or in Development by Eric T. Wiberg, 2009-2016 (13)


Published (5):

1.       U-Boats in Bahamas and Turks & Caicos,  Brick Tower Press, NY: The never-told story of 112 German and Italian submarines who surrounded the Bahamas from Florida east to the Caribbean islands during WWII from 1942 – 1945, sinking 130 Allied ships. Narrates in detail the fates of 300+ Allied sailors who washed ashore in the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos, where two are buried. The Duke & Duchess of Windsor, head of the Red Cross in the colony, an speed-boat-racing oil heiress, locals of all backgrounds helped. Published 30 June 2016, 378 pages, hardcover. Extensive charts, indices, illustrations, etc.


2.       Round the World in the Wrong Season, 2010, Island Books: A memoir of travel, sailing, adventure, coming-of-age; narrator skippers a large sailing yacht from the Galapagos to New Zealand ages 23-24, survives shark attack, storms, mutiny, desertion all for a girl.


3.       Tanker Disasters, 2010, Island Books: A Master’s degree paper on places of refuge legislation for tankers and ships in distress off the coasts of Europe and beyond. Stratagems are used in the industry annually.


4.       Published Writing, 1983-2009, 2009, Island Books. Prose, poems, journalism, travelogues.


5.       Juvenilia, Teen Books & Travel Writing, 2009, Island Books: three books written in author’s teens, travel writing covering Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific voyages, hitch-hiking in East Africa, New Zealand, and Asia.


Pipeline, July 2016 (8):

1.       U-Boats off Bermuda: The untold story of 142 German and one Italian submarines which patrolled the waters around Bermuda, sinking 80 Allied ships, one of them naval, for the loss of two submarines. 1,224 Allied sailors and surviving passengers were landed in Bermuda 1940-43. Tells of their survival voyages, rescue and reception.

STATUS: Over 100,000 words written. 90% complete, estimate 1-2 months for final draft.

2.       U-Boats in New England: The as-yet untold story of 34 Allied ships, including naval and fishing boats, attacked by 73 German submarines, or U-Boats, off the New England coast, from the Gulf of Maine to Block Island Sound, from early 1942 to the last days of the war. Three teams of American and German saboteurs were landed (NY, Maine & Bay of Fundy), all of whom turned themselves after arriving in major cities. 576 Allied sailors made it ashore. German sailors are buried in Newport and outside Boston. Ten U-Boats were sunk there in/after WWII.

STATUS: The U-Boats portion has been written, Allied researched. 40%, estimate 3 months.


3.       Drifting to the Duchess: The epic saga of the old American freighter, SS Potlatch and her mixed crew of 56 men, 49 of whom survive a German U-Boat attack mid-Atlantic. Under Capt. Jack Lapoint they survive a month in an open boat and rafts, are “rescued” then rejected by Dutch sailors, lose a man to shark attack, another to exhaustion, land in the remote Bahamas, follow jackasses to water, sail to other islands before finally black villagers feed them. Lesbian oil heiress Marion Carstairs swoops in on her speedboat, taking them to Nassau and the Duchess of Windsor. Also tells the story of the German attackers, who are sunk and killed soon after.

STATUS: 65,000 words written, new material to be woven in. 75% complete, estimate 2 months.


4.       Mail Boats of Bahamas: The 200+-year story of the humble fleet of cast-off merchant boats which continue to modestly serve over 50 remote communities of the Bahamas archipelago. Traces the story of some 200 boats and the men who manned them through hurricanes and politics to deliver church pews, screws, soda pop, thread, animals, produce, etc. Richly illustrated with color and B&W photographs, etchings, charts. Many boats were purchased in Europe and later sold in Latin America.

STATUS: Began as blog (75,000 views) then 15 national features. 30,000 words, 75%, 1 month. Has been pitched to Schiffer Books of PA by Alan Morell (agent) in mid-2015 and followed up spring 2016.


5.       Surviving Saint George’s: I arrived at St. George’s School outside Newport from home in Bahamas just after my 16th birthday. From the first day until he managed to have him fired nearly two years later, choir master Franklin Coleman insinuated himself into virtually every crevice of my life – and body. Then the cover-up, and a 30-year recovery effort, began. It encompassed running away to sea in 65+ countries, five years in the tropics, a descent into alcoholism, sexual ambivalence, and butting five cigarettes out onto my body. Armed with AA I continue to recover. Though Coleman remains free.  STATUS: 25,000 words. Color photographs. 60% complete, estimate 2-3 months. Vanity Fair July 2016.

6.       History of Lyford Cay International School: The story of the first 50 years of an exclusive international K-through-12 school in the Lyford Cay Club, Bahamas, from its founding by Canadian beer magnate and horse breeder E.P. Taylor in the 1960s for the children of expatriate club employees to a place where the offspring of a well-heeled cosmopolitan set can learn, ride, dive, and more.

STATUS: A commissioned book, to be begun in summer 2016. Estimated publication date is 2018.


7.       Wet Fear: A nautical memoir about a young sailor (ages 16-36), rising through the ranks on over 100 vessels, most of them privately owned sailing yachts 35-55 feet long. Starting as the boat boy for the family which founded Brown University and leading to command of a 68-footer across the Pacific, stories include being knocked overboard in a snowstorm with an inexperienced crew, the burning and sinking of a classic 1937-built yacht off Trinidad (which led to a seminal maritime law case), Trans-Atlantic voyages with a drunk, a playboy, a nudist, a convicted drug smuggler and addict, huge storms….

STATUS: Already a blog, PowerPoint, well-illustrated in color. Estimate 5-6 months to complete.


8.       Men’s Lives: The true story of a dozen tankers commercially operated from Singapore and a young American sent from Headquarters in Rhode Island to help out for three years, starting at age 25. As the taciturn Norwegian boss points out, the ships have “hit their due-by date.” As they unravel on voyages between South American rivers, North Korea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and most places in between, the narrator grapples with the deaths of four sailors and the loss of two ships. Includes voyages, travels, bribes, explosions, oil spills, collisions, and a wild 24/7 expat nightlife scene. For eight months the narrator lived above a brothel, other times in shop houses, high-rises. Travels to India, Venezuela, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Borneo Malaysia. Other shore staff was from Myanmar, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, and of course Singapore.

STATUS: Begun years ago, waited for firm to fold (it did). 10% complete, 6-8 months to finish.







Articles Published/Pipelined by Eric T. Wiberg, 1970’s to July 2016 (96)


Pipeline (3):

1.       Sea History, National Maritime Historical Society, 2016 TBN: SS Potlatch’s lifeboat voyage

2.       PowerShips, Steamship Historical Society of America, 2016 TBN: U-Boats in New England

3.       PowerShips, 2016 TBN: Short history of mail boats of the Bahamas


Published (93):

1.       (15) Nassau Tribune, Bahamas, March-July 2016: Weekend features on mailboats 1803 to 2016

2.       Marine Technology, Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, April 2016: Tractor Tugs.

3.       PenDragon, Magazine of Lyford Cay International School, May 2016; History of Horses in Bahamas.

4.       Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 2016: SS Potlatch survivors’ voyage through Bahamas.

5.       (4), 2015: U-Boats off Bermuda, series of articles on ships, subs, aviators, survivors.

6.       Oxford Today, Oxford University, UK, Aug. 2015: “War in Paradise,”

7.       PenDragon, Magazine of Lyford Cay International School, May 2015: a reflection on years there

8.       PowerShips, Winter 2015: U-Boats in the Bahamas & Bermuda.

9.       Bahamas Handbook and Businessman’s Manual, 2015: Sir A. J. Adderley & the S/V Emma Tuttle.

10.   The Abaconian, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas, 2012: WWII U-Boats attack 3 ships off Abaco.

11.   Schooner Bay Mainsheet, Abaco, Bahamas, 2012: U-128’s attack on tanker O. A. Knudsen, Abaco.

12.   (3) The Nassau Tribune, Nov. 2013, 1: U-Boats in Bahamas in WWII; a local witness and 2 graves.

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16.   (3) The Docket, Roger Williams Univ. School of Law, Bristol, RI, 2003: loss of yacht Stiarna in 3 parts.

17.   Cruising World, Middletown, RI, Nov. 2002: true account of falling overboard from Windriven.

18.   Newport This Week, Newport, RI, c.1998: a review of Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers.

19.   (2) What's On, Bahamas, Nassau, 1995: 2-part series on yacht Stornoway’s trans-Pacific voyage.

20.   St. George's School Bulletin, Newport, RI, c.1995: Log of yacht Chebec’s trans-Atlantic voyage.

21.   The Stylus, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1993: log of Chebec’s trans-Atlantic voyage.

22.   (25) The Heights, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1990-1993, dozens of articles as a journalist.

23.   The Mancunian, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford Univ., 1992: Chebec’s trans-Atlantic voyage.

24.   The Bridge, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1992: editorial on the L.A. riots.

25.   The Nassau Tribune, August 1992: arrival of Australian tall ship Young Endeavour in Nassau.

26.   The Nassau Tribune, August 1992: front-page of author and his brother in Hurricane Andrew.

27.   The Nassau Tribune, c.1990: yacht Tempo’s race from Marion MA to Bermuda and back.

28.   The Concord Review of History, Concord, MA, 1989: Alexander the Great’s campaign to Indus.

29.   (5) The Dragon, creative writing anthology, St. George's School, Newport, RI, 1986-89: poems, prose.

30.   (2) Red & White newspaper, St. George's School, Newport, RI, 1986-1989: a pair of articles.

31.   (3) Poetry Fest anthologies, Governor’s Academy, Byfield, MA, 1987-1989: selection of poems read.

32.   (3) Outlook, anthology Eaglebrook School, Old Deerfield, MA, 1983-1986: poems and prose.

33.   (5) Lyford Cay School, annual yearbooks, poetry & prose, 1974-1979




Articles about E. T. Wiberg (7)


1.       Vanity Fair, August 2016, The Prep School Scandal, Ben Wallace, ETW featured as Ethan, the Crusader

2.       The Pointer, Apr/Aug 2013,, citation to my research

3.       Grandpa Wasn’t Lying, about SS Potlatch, Jake Jatho, Estil Ruggles, and ETW in 2012, details TBN

4., June 19, 2009, Barbara Veneri, Wind & Rough Seas, ETW man overboard

5.       Greenwich Advocate / Stamford Advocate, (C T), May 4, 2007; biopic of ETW’s maritime recruiting

6.       2001 Marion Bermuda Race – article by Bermudian reporter in Hamilton featured mention of ETW

7.       Caribbean Boating / Newport Sailor, Newport RI/St. Thomas, USVI, 2000: biopic of sailing career.





Lectures Given by Eric T. Wiberg, 2004 to July 2016 (24)


1.       New York Yacht Club, NY, NY, May, 2016: NYYC-owned, affiliated yachts & U-Boats in WWII.

2.       Mediterranean Shipping Co., NY, NY, April 2016: 100 vessels/10 casualties, lessons in leadership.

3.       McAllister Towing, NY, NY, April, 2016: Adventures aboard sailboats from age 16 to staff children.

4.       US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Quonset, RI, April 2016: Early sailing career: 100 vessels.

5.       Steamship Historical Society of America, Warwick, RI, Feb. 2016: U-Boats off New England.

6.       Propeller Club of NY & NJ, NY, NY, Nov. 2015: U-Boats off New England, Axis & Allied perspectives.

7.       Seafarer’s International House, NY, NY, July 2015: retrospective of sailing career to missionaries.

8.       Lowell J. Mortimer Maritime Academy, Nassau, Bahamas, April 2015: presentation to students.

9.       Tour of mail boats and Potter’s Cay Dock, Nassau, March 2015: for NY Yacht Club cruisers.

10.   Propeller Club of NY & NJ, NY, NY, Nov. 2014: SS Potlatch survival narrative in Bahamas.

11.   Stamford Yacht Club, Stamford, CT, Jan. 2014: Schooners sunk by U-Boats in Bahamas, Bermuda.

12.   SUNY Maritime at Fort Schuyler, NY, Dec. 2013: presentations regarding marketing to cadets.

13.   Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay MA, Oct. 2013: U-Boats in the Bahamas.

14.   National Lighthouse Museum, Staten Island, NY, July 2013: Lighthouses of the Bahamas.

15.   Lyford Cay International School, Nassau, March 2013: U-Boats in Bahamas to students.

16.   St. Andrew’s School, Nassau, March 2013: U-Boats in the Bahamas to students.

17.   Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau, April 2012: U-Boats in the Bahamas overview.

18.   International Yacht Restoration School, Mar. 2011: Round the World in the Wrong Season.

19.   SUNY Maritime College Fort Schuyler, NY Feb. 2011: U-Boats in the Bahamas students/profs.

20.   Roger Williams University School of Law, Bristol RI, Mar. 2011: career advice to students.

21.   Eaglebrook School for Boys, Old Deerfield MA, April 2011: U-Boats in the Bahamas.

22.   Bluewater Books/Armchair Sailor, Newport, RI, August 2010: book signing.

23.   Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau, July 2009: A General History of Survival in the Bahamas.

24.   University of Rhode Island, South Kingston, RI, April 2004: the business of yacht deliveries.





Social Media Published by Eric T. Wiberg, 2012 to July 2016 (20)

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Websites (4):

1. – links to all websites, blogs, articles, books, associated with ETW brand

2. – all of the author’s research on 130 ships, 112 submarine patrols

3. – photos and other behind-the-scenes information on the sailing memoir

4. – News and publication status of UBoats in the Bahamas book

Weblog/Blog Articles (5):

1., 2016: the loss of the USN YP-453 ex-yacht-Pleiades off Bahamas in WWII.

2., 2014, Grounding, Salvage of SC-1059 Bahamas WWII.

3., 2015: expedition to find the grave of a lost sailor, Abaco.

4. , 2014: S.S. Potlatch and U-153

5., 2013: Potlatch survivors landed in Acklins, local perspective.

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Film / Television (3):


Released (2):


1.       Freightened, a documentary about the global shipping industry by European film makers. World Premier April 2016 at the San Francisco Green Film Fest,


2.       Tore på Sporet, NRK2, Trondheim Norway aired to 1.2M views Dec. 26, 2015: discovery of sailor’s WWII grave in Bahamas –


Pipeline (1):


1.       Drifting to the Duchess: possible script of SS Potlatch’s crew’s WWII lifeboat voyage through Bahamas.