Marine Safety Center issues Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) type-approval certificate to Optimarin AS

Today, the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center issued the first U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Certificate to Norwegian manufacturer Optimarin AS after a detailed review of the type approval application determined the system met the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060. The Optimarin Ballast System is a filtration/ultraviolet ballast water management system with treatment capacities ranging from 167m3/h to 3000m3/h....Continue Reading Here. 

Plastic Island

On the beach lies a motorcycle helmet, a mannequin's head, an umbrella handle and a flip-flop. They didn't fall from a plane or off a ship, and there aren't any civilians living here who could have left them behind. 

They were washed onto Midway Atoll with the tide, most likely part of an enormous plastic garbage patch spinning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the coffee cup lids, water bottles and bags you discarded are probably in there.  

Some 8 million tons of plastic trash leak into the ocean annually, and it's getting worse every year. Some of it kills the birds on the atoll. Some sinks deep into the ocean and can end up in plankton. Some, including the likely carcinogen styrene, gets back to us through the food chain. 

"These are the classic 'canary in the coal mine' scenarios," said Matthew Brown with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration...Watch the Video on CNN HERE.  

Adidas Releases First Mass-Produced Ocean Plastic Shoe

Adidas has released the UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley running shoe - the first mass-produced footwear created using plastic waste retrieved by clean-up operations in the Maldives (95 percent) and recycled polyester (five percent). Each pair reuses eleven plastic bottles. 

The shoes laces, heel cap base material, heel webbing, heel lining and the sock-liner cover are also made with recycled materials...Continue Reading Here. 

New Ship Efficiency Portal Launched

At the World Ocean Council’s Sustainable Ocean Summit on Wednesday, Carbon War Room, exactEarth, and University Maritime Advisory Service (UMAS) launched BetterFleet, a free-to-access ship operational efficiency portal on 

Based on similar data and methods used by the IMO to assess the world fleet, BetterFleet shows how efficiently an individual vessel has operated over the past year and compares it against its peers...Continue Reading Here. 

Carbon is not the Enemy

Carbon has a bad name. The 2015 Paris climate agreement calls for a balance between carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and to earthbound carbon sinks1. Climate Neutral Now, a United Nations initiative, encourages businesses and individuals to voluntarily measure, reduce and offset their greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. The American Institute of Architects has challenged the architecture community worldwide to become carbon neutral by 2030. The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, an international network of urban-sustainability directors, aims to slash its cities' greenhouse-gas emissions by 80% by 2050..Continue Reading Here.

Oceans Protection Plan

Canada has the world’s longest coastline, and our water is one of our most important resources. Canadians across the country rely on transportation to go about their everyday life or to deliver products to market in a safe and responsible way.

On November 7, 2016, the Prime Minister launched a $1.5 billion national Oceans Protection Plan that improves marine safety and responsible shipping, protects Canada’s marine environment, and offers new possibilities for Indigenous and coastal communities...Continue Reading here. 

Healthcare Connections

Maritime broadband company KVH Industries recently stated that India will have 500 million Internet users by 2017 and the Philippines has the fastest growing Internet population in the world, up more than six-fold in the last five years. Health providers are making use of this increased connectivity to advance high-tech telemedicine options. But it’s also using it to advance simpler options to improve seafarer health – like reminding them to brush their teeth...Continue Reading Here. 

IMO Says it is Well-Placed to Regulate Shipping's CO2

At COP22, IMO maintains that it is "the appropriate international body" for addressing shipping's carbon emissions

by MarEx 11/07/2016

Opening ceremonies at the COP22 climate conference (UN)

Opening ceremonies at the COP22 climate conference (UN)

From November 7-18, delegates from nearly 200 nations will be in Marrakech for the COP22 climate conference, the follow-up to the landmark meeting in Paris last year. 

Negotiators will be working to hammer out the details of last year's groundbreaking climate deal – how exactly, and how fast, the countries will move to implement the promised changes. 

They will also have to decide whether to set more stringent requirements for themselves, as their current commitments are insufficient to prevent a dangerous average temperature rise of two degrees Celcius (3.5 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of the century. 

Sulfur Cap Could Threaten OPEC Crudes

by Reuters at MarEx 11/07/2016

A switch to cleaner fuels in the world's ships in 2020 could double the profits of the world's most advanced oil refineries - but threatens to put older ones out of business and punish those countries, including prominent OPEC members, that produce the wrong kind of crude.

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Canada to Boost Spill Response Ahead of Pipeline Decision

by MarEx 11/07/2016

Canada's Liberal government on Monday vowed to toughen its response to oil spills at sea, a move some environmentalists said was a clear signal Ottawa will approve a hotly-contested pipeline from Alberta's oil sands to the Pacific Coast.

As part of a marine safety plan to protect oceans, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Ottawa would invest in better response measures and research into how to clean up oil spills.