A Sailor's Life for Thee?

 Carleen Lyden Walker (center) tours the Engine Room Simulator at SUNY Maritime College-  photo by Michael Wicklein

Carleen Lyden Walker (center) tours the Engine Room Simulator at SUNY Maritime College- photo by Michael Wicklein

Many of us who are deskbound dream of being on the high seas, but few actually get there.  It takes highly qualified, and licensed, mariners to achieve what is merely a dream for most. I received a taste, though, during my visit yesterday to SUNY Maritime College when we toured the engine room simulator along with representatives from the New Era Academy of Baltimore.  

The trip was designed to better acquaint administrators from the NEA, along with Baltimore Public School District CTE and Baltimore Community College representatives about the opportunities, and possibilities, await students who want to enter a field that provides excellent jobs.  

 Skyline of New York City -  photo by Michael Wicklein

Skyline of New York City - photo by Michael Wicklein

The day included a trip to New York Harbor School, then a Miller’s Launch ride up to Maritime College where Provost Joe Hoffmann gave an overview of the school and the qualifications to gain admission, followed by the tour.  Miller’s Launch then took the group back to Staten Island for their trip back to Baltimore.  

Many thanks to Michael Wicklein for his wonderful photos (for more, go to www.theWickleinGroup.com and click on the Facebook icon at the top of the page)