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Modern society’s vital mission to preserve and protect the marine environment demands an energetic, imaginative and pluralistic approach. NAMEPA has proved itself over the years to be uniquely well-positioned to coordinate the initiatives required by this approach across the widest range of stakeholders within industry, government and the public at large. Its enduring commitment to “save our seas” will continue to gain in visibility and relevance to the common good over the years ahead.
— Joe Hughes, SCB, Inc.
NAMEPA has been at the forefront of promoting the protection of the environment and the living beings within it. Educating the younger and older members of society about these issues is a mission and purpose that is aligned with my own goals as well as Eagle Ocean Transport Inc.’s. NAMEPA’S ongoing recognition of those who spend their time serving on the seas and for the seas is most a wonderful way to celebrate stewardship which is an integral part of the way in which the world works. NAMEPA is a pioneer in the maritime industry; always ahead of the times and breaking boundaries. As a company we are a proud member of NAMEPA and I am personally delighted to be able to serve on its board.
— Marina Hadjipateras, Dorian LPG
NAMEPA is an exceptional organization with members that are committed and passionate about the noblest mission of preserving and protecting the marine environment. Through education and collaboration they have achieved an impressive record of successes. NAMEPA and its membership will continue to be a catalyst for positive change.
— Rob Lorigan, International Registries, Inc.
NAMEPA is that rare convergence of a shipping organization that cares about shipping and protecting the marine environment. How they educate the next generation of seafarers and ecologists is truly amazing. It’s been an honor to serve on the NAMEPA Board these past two years.
— Joan Bondareff, Blank Rome LLP

“NAMEPA’s capacity to clearly articulate and fulfil its mission of industry-led environmental stewardship is due in no small part to its incredibly engaged and active membership. This industry engagement and collaboration is a credit to the organisation. Their proactive approach to “save our seas” is shared by their international network of MEPAs, ensuring global perspective for this monumental task. NAMEPA’s work reflects my professional endeavours as well as my personal ethos, and I am proud to serve as Treasurer.”
— Anuj Chopra, Vice-President – Americas, RightShip
My involvement with NAMEPA is significant from both a personal and professional perspective. Promoting environmental stewardship is a passion because I think we have a responsibility to leave this world in slightly better condition. And NAMEPA’s mission is entirely complementary to my chosen company’s—Lloyd’s Register protects people and property.
— Chris Desmond, Lloyd's Register