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Modern society’s vital mission to preserve and protect the marine environment demands an energetic, imaginative and pluralistic approach. NAMEPA has proved itself over the years to be uniquely well-positioned to coordinate the initiatives required by this approach across the widest range of stakeholders within industry, government and the public at large. Its enduring commitment to “save our seas” will continue to gain in visibility and relevance to the common good over the years ahead.
— Joe Hughes, SCB, Inc.
NAMEPA is an exceptional organization with members that are committed and passionate about the noblest mission of preserving and protecting the marine environment. Through education and collaboration they have achieved an impressive record of successes. NAMEPA and its membership will continue to be a catalyst for positive change.
— Rob Lorigan, International Registries, Inc.
NAMEPA is that rare convergence of a shipping organization that cares about shipping and protecting the marine environment. How they educate the next generation of seafarers and ecologists is truly amazing. It’s been an honor to serve on the NAMEPA Board these past two years.
— Joan Bondareff, Blank Rome LLP
I joined the NAMEPA Board as a request from my former employer, but once I left my former employer and started a new business I joined NAMEPA and requested to stay on the Board. Why would a newly-formed company prioritize membership in NAMEPA when controlling cost is critical in the early stages of developing a new company? NAMEPA’s simple Mission Statement: “We work to help preserve and protect the marine environment.” A simple but powerful mission that is extremely critical to our country and the world economy. The marine environment is critical to preserve not only our industries that depend on the marine environment for everything from vessels transiting the waterways to seafood that we consume, but also for simple pleasures like seeing a whale in Alaska or a dolphin in Texas. The marine environment is a global economic priority but is also a global environmental health and safety priority as the waterways have substantial impact on our global environment. NAMEPA, through our founders Carleen Lyden-Kluss and Clay Maitland and the dedicated staff, are not only working to protect the North American Marine Environment through eduction, partnerships and collaborative groups, they are leaders in helping expand the protection of the Marine Environment globally. Key to the process is education, and the commitment to start the education in grade school has potential to shape future business leaders, decision makers and those that use the waterways. NAMEPA provides great value and return on investment for the small fee base for membership. I leave you with this thought “What legacy do we want to leave our children and grandchildren, a clean and healthy marine environment or a marine environment that is polluted with little or no marine life?” This is important to me with nine grandchildren as I want them to be able to watch in awe and wonder as the whales in Alaska breach the sea or they swim with a dolphin or simply enjoy swimming a pristine waterway. Simply stated, NAMEPA is working to provide my grandchildren with a an opportunity to enjoy what I for many years took for granted.
— Robert Goolsby, Integrity Terminal and Marine Services, LLC
NAMEPA provides a critical link between conservation advocacy groups, public institutions promoting ocean conservation, and industry groups in developing collaborative and impactful international efforts to conserve our oceans.
— Stephen M. Coan, Sea Research Foundation
My involvement with NAMEPA is significant from both a personal and professional perspective. Promoting environmental stewardship is a passion because I think we have a responsibility to leave this world in slightly better condition. And NAMEPA’s mission is entirely complementary to my chosen company’s—Lloyd’s Register protects people and property.
— Chris Desmond, Lloyd's Register